So I got an internship at NASA

My freshman year I helped start an engineering club at school to make a battlebot. To advise the 12 or so original members was Mechanical Engineering professor Dr. Kumagai. Over the next years Dr. Kumagai taught me how to use a lathe, I attended his graduate CNC workshop, and I asked him for advice on numerous personal robotics projects. So Dr. Kumagai applied to NASA for a summer research fellowship to research Robotics and Automation. He gets a letter from the ESSRO(Exploration Systems Summer Research Opportunities; not the program he applied for) program, and they offer him a research opportunity. Along with the job, he gets to take a student intern with him for the summer.

So last thursday(april 20th), I run into Dr. Kumagai in the hall before my 6pm class. He tells me about the job, and asks me if I might be interested in it. I say hell yes, and he gets my phone/email/ect. The next monday, I go talk to him in his office, fill out a form, and he says he’ll let me know who he is going to pick by wednesday(april 26th). Tuesday night, I get a call from him offering the job. I jump for joy, and call eveyone I know. That’s how I got an internship at NASA