Monthly Archives: December 2006

Senior Project: Completed.

A year ago I started work on a year-long project to make a wireless electro ocular-based eye tracking system. After a very long year, and an especially long winter semester finishing the project, I can finally say it is done. I finally finished the main sensor circuit, interfaced it all with the atmel atmega8 microcontroller, finished the desktop software to display information input from the microcontroller(with a lot of help from Kevin), designed the PCB for the project, had it manufactured, and hand soldered the final boards which were 99% surface mount. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the microcontroller losing its device ID and not programming correctly(but the sensor-circuit worked good on the pcb), so I had to demo the circuit on the proto-board….oh well. The project was a definitely a learning experience, and I learned a whole lot from it…but I’m very glad it is over.