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Japanese 1A skit

I took two semesters of Japanese when I was in school and absolutely loved it. I was cleaning up my document folders today and found the skit from my first semester. There are a bunch of mistakes(it was my first semester) but it was too funny to not post:

A: Do you want to go to a restaurant now?
B: yes, should we ride the bus?
A: yes.
—-riding the bus—-

C: Would you like me to bring you some drinks?
A/B: yes, some sake!
はい! おさけをもってきます!
C: What do you want to eat? Should I bring some sushi?
B: No, bring me a hamburger.
A: A hamburger?! This is a sushi restaurant!
ハムバガですか?! これすしのレスツラウンですよ。
B: Oh sorry, please bring me some sushi.

—-bring food—-

A/B: Thank you.

A: What is that thing swimming in the sea?
B: Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
A: It’s Godzilla! Is he taking a bath?
あのゴジラガアリマス! ゴジラはおふるにはいりますか。
B: No, he is attacking Tokyo!
A: Tokyo? We’re in Sacramento!
B: Excuse me. He is attacking Sacramento!
—-Godzilla attacks Sacramento—-
—-Nick Goes and Changes into Godzilla—-

A: He is attacking a café!

G: I’m disgusted with cafes! French Cafes are very expensive!

—-crushes café—-
A: He’s eating a train!
G: I neither like nor dislike eating trains.
A: No!
—-Eats train—-
G: I hate the post office! The post office is very bad! E-mail is good.
ゆうびん のでん気ええです。

—-Destroys Post Office—-
A: Uh
G: He, Hi, Ho, Fu! I see a little man.
へ!ひ!ほ!ふ! 私はちいさい人を見ます
A: He is coming here!
—-Godzilla Grabs Man—-
G: I am eating you. Please die.
—-dramatic death scene—-

Long/Huntington Beach – Summer 2008

Click for the gallery

Click for the gallery

This last weekend I went with my sister to Long/Huntington Beach. We stayed with some of her friends and had a lot of fun. I would have taken more pictures but I fell out of a kayak and doused my camera…so that’s where the pictures stop. Saturday night we went to a piano bar, which was a blast. We requested a bunch of songs, but my favorite for the night was Smells Like Teen Spirit. I also requested Tie Your Mother Down, but they didn’t know that song 🙁

Patrick’s Point – Camping 2008

This is the first time in three years I’ve been able to go camping to the redwoods with my family. I missed one because of my NASA internship, and last year I was saving vacation time for a honeymoon I never got to go on this year…..oh well.

I drove the vette this year and the drive was pretty nice. On the way home, via 299, I was behind another C4 vette. It was pretty fun chasing him through the curvy hills. I only stayed four nights, then drove home and caught the plane to Vegas(making this post out of order).

Overall, it was a pretty nice trip. I got to get away, finished reading Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and caught up on some sleep.