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Look at me. I’m Dr. Zoidberg, Homeowner!

click for pictures of my house!

click for pictures of my house!

Since I graduated I’ve been looking for a house, but my requirements were pretty specific.  I wanted something in a great neighborhood, a two car garage, close to my work (Folsom), a fixer that had a lot of cosmetic damage, and a big yard.

After over a year of looking, I finally found it.  The house is in a fantastic neighborhood of Citrus Heights, close to two Elementary schools, a park, and a country club.  It’s 8 miles from work, which makes my drive around 20 minutes.  It’s a four bedroom, two bath, 1550 square feet, 0.23 acre lot, 2 car garage, and has central heat/air.  It needs a lot of work, but nothing too major (the biggest fixes will be a new garage door, new floor in the kitchen, and possibly tearing out the carpet and refinishing the hardwood floors).

Picture this.

Ever since I lost my last point-and-shoot to the murky depths of a moat in Long Beach I’ve been looking to get a new camera.  I bought someone a Nikon D40x as a gift before and really liked it so when I started look for cameras again I wanted to get something similar.  This year Nikon released an updated version of the D40x, called the D60 and on Black Friday most big stores had them on sale, so I bought one.

Next year I plan on traveling quite a bit, so this will be a good companion.